Sussex 1922.

Set deep within the Ashdown Forest,an experimental government institution for

the rehabilitation of traumatised First World War heroes becomes the setting for a series of gruesome murders.With the police & the authorities seemingly uninterested, it falls to the esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est 1895)

to uncover the sinister secret that lies at the heart of 

Five Hundred Acre Asylum.

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Lots of fun! I loved this energetic, whistle-stop adventure set in Sussex between the wars, in which eccentric but likeable paranormal detectives Lyons and Hound carry out another of their top-secret investigations into the 'incident' of the title. Beginning as a Sherlock Holmes-type mystery, the story takes us on an adventure that includes mythical creatures, a mysterious asylum and characters that 'bear' more than a passing resemblance to certain story-book favourites...



If you haven't yet come across Lyons & Hound,

this extended short story is the perfect introduction

With evocative language and a light footed turn of phrase, Plume presents his ghoulish world in full colour.

5.0 out of 5 starsUtts delightful, obvs and natch
I love that this intriguing spin-off case has sparked a desire to read a set of classic nursery tales a number of
decades (never-too-) late, whose characters have been altered and caricatured here into clever and most amusing
subtextual juxtaposition.
Better is that, though I may have missed a few references, I've nonetheless involuntarily snorted and chortled my
appreciation of this or that line at various junctures on the bus journey to work, I'm sure to the delight of all and
sundry. Mostly while reading the book there and then; even better and unnerving still when only reminiscing.
Maintains AAA rating