Johnny Grendel, the most feared & ferocious fiend in all the Faye Worlds, has been freed from his hideous bonds & is hell-bent on extracting revenge upon those responsible for damning him to years of the most cruel & torturous imprisonment – to wit, the esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est. 1895).

Fortunately for Professor Lyons & Mr Hound they have an ace card up their sleeve that might just bring the monstrous Grendel’s homicidal quest for retribution crashing to a halt – their erstwhile, newly acquired (& quietly quivering) young apprentice, Tomas Dearlove; the only person on the planet capable of stopping Grendel, their most implacable & terrifying of foes.

But Tom has some dark secrets to uncover, hard truths to face up to & even harder choices to make if he is to destroy the “immortal enemy” & so end Johnny Grendel’s murderous rampage of terror once and for all.


5.0 out of 5 

"... thrilling chases, shocking events, heart-stopping cliffhangers, and mysteries to be solved along the way.

A page turner that leaves you wanting more."

5.0 out of 5 stars

"Be you of Brighton, Sussex, the Fay lands, or the world at large, I urge you to join Lyons and Hound Paranormal Detective Agency (est. 1895) on this, their second fantastic adventure transcribed."

I have only one complaint about this story. It was just far too enjoyable.
I loved the first volume and was very excited to read the second.
Unfortunately it didn't even last me the weekend. The story flows so smoothly and the character development
just adds so much jam you just really can't stop reading.
Thank you for a great read Mr. Plume.

5.0 out of 5 star

 The Hound continues to hunt my nightmares.

.0 out of 5 stars

The adventure continues! It was great to pick up the sequel and be able to enjoy it as much if not more than the first book. The characters are even better rounded and Plume manages to unfold a beautiful universe filled of adventure and action. Whitest following closely the story line from book one It also managed to be a fantastic stand alone book leaving plenty of room for a sequel. And bring on the sequel, I only just finished the book and cannot wait for the next one! Truly a work of art and admirable craftsmanship with the most amazing turn of phrases. Keep on the good work!


Finally the sequel to The Wild Hunt has come. I am a huge fan of fantasy literature but there are a lot of poorly written books in the genre, so once I find an author who I like, I stick to them like glue. So I have been eagerly awaiting Caractacus Plume's next work. But then there's the next thing to worry about; will the next book be able to live up to the high standard set by the first? Not a problem with Plume. Grendel, the sequel to The Wild Hunt, is just as gripping and just as hilarious as the first, with quite a few heart-wrenching moments added amongst all the fun and excitement." 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Too many YA fantasy novels seem one-dimensional, written to rote, derivative, disappointing. This one isn’t. It takes hold of the imagination and doesn’t let go. I haven’t enjoyed a book so much since - well, the first one in the series.
I’m happy to say this picks up from The Wild Hunt without missing a beat, then ups the pace. What a pleasure to meet up with Lyons & Hound once more, along with our hero Tom, the glamour witch Dame Ginty, and the rest of the crew. Young and waiflike Crow, with her beanie hat pulled low over a headful of secrets, is a welcome new addition to the team. And, my goodness, they need all the help they can get, as a terrifying foe has been loosed from his bonds and seeks murderous revenge.
With a plot line as gripping as Johnny Grendel’s talons, the author once again roots his story in the Sussex landscape and local folklore, weaving in intriguing tales from the early days of boxing, together with martial training tips that are bound to come in handy one dark night on the Downs.
The author’s unique and quirky style is unmistakeable. As ever, evocative dialogue brings the characters vividly to life. The piling of clause upon clause, the puns and bracketed asides nested like a set of Russian dolls, the jests, joshes, anecdotes and perfectly judged descriptive phrases - you realise how much the author’s word-craft contributes to your enjoyment of the narrative.
Standout mirth-inducing chapters: The Mound, and a very unusual self-help group run by the Hound within this high-security prison run by MI Unseen: total genius. And my personal favourite: to paraphrase Wilde, you must have a heart of stone to read of the Chanklebury Massacre without laughing out loud. You will never look at a LARPer in the same way again.
But it’s not all a bundle of laughs. Life isn’t black and white, solutions aren’t simple, and the good guys don’t always win. Besieged by perils on all sides, Tom must acknowledge the darkness that resides in us all, and shoulder the burden of an impossible, terrible act. Can he – should he – carry it out?
There’s only one way to find out. Pip pip! Read on - you won’t regret it!