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Sussex 1922.

Set deep within the Ashdown Forest,an experimental government institution for

the rehabilitation of traumatised First World War heroes becomes the setting for a series of gruesome murders.With the police & the authorities seemingly uninterested, it falls to the esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est 1895)

to uncover the sinister secret that lies at the heart of 

Five Hundred Acre Asylum.


With evocative language and a light-footed turn of phrase,

Plume presents his ghoulish world in full colour.


The funniest story I’ve read in a long time!

The writing style is very impressive and often adds to the hilarity. The characters are totally unforgettable, and the plot was consistently engaging. The world building is incredibly thorough and makes me desperate to read the rest of the tales from Lyons & Hound.