The Goldemar Affair

From The Casebook of Lyons & Hound

Inspired by the classic swashbuckler films, 


the latest adventure from the Casebook of Lyons & Hound.

"‘If I’d had an extra spoonful of jam roly-poly pudding for every vile villain that has promised to take my head as a trophy, Baron, I’d be as fat as you are deluded, you despicable bounder!’ snorted the were-wolfhound derisively ..."


In a picture-postcard English castle, set upon the sleepy Sussex/Kent border, a sinister occult society hosts a clandestine meeting. Their objective - to forge an alliance with the United Kingdoms most ancient and implacable enemy and, in so doing, fan the flames for a second world war.
It falls to the internationally esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est. 1895) to infiltrate this diabolical diorama and unmask the vile villains who lie at the heart of this abominable plot.
Along the way  they encounter: a mysterious and magical messenger; a deranged, discredited and debarred scientist; a monstrous man-servant (of literary fame); a band of mechanically-enhanced zombie henchmen; and a war party of wild and ferocious Fae.
And if all that wasn't enough, Mr Hound must settle a debt of honour with an ancient and implacable enemy of his own!




With plenty of back story synopsettes, ongoing plot reminders and proven classic horror characters and setting, this episode from the casebook of Lyons and Hound makes their story accessible to new readers and perhaps younger young adults (of all ages) too. The appeal to younger readers is also apparent in some of the comic book humour, and somewhat fewer nuances of feeling and plot twists.

As a middle-aged adult reader, I enjoyed the mash-up of traditional English derring-do, classic/comic horror, a pinch of steam punk, and fantasy. Many character and setting descriptions caused nostalgic smirks and evoked fond childhood memories of reading. Some of the 'special effects'  with the mist, for example, came directly visually to mind from any number of spooky films.

Our faithful heroes dutifully carry the action along with their usual chivalrous aplomb, and we are also treated to appearances from old favourite, Tommy Rawhead-And-Bloody-Bones, child-murdering cannibalistic bogeyman (reformed), among others. I seem to remember a reference to The Clockwork Baron in another Lyons and Hound adventure, and his manifestation (un)lived up to all hopes. The elusive title character leaves a lot to the imagination, and the reader is left wondering whether we've heard the last of him.

All in all, another humdinger of a case from the jolliest, wizard, most super and tip-top serialisation since old lady Blyter put pen to paper over lashings of lemonade and ginger beer, actually at around the same time as the events chronicled in Goldemar.

17 June 2019


Caractaus Plume has unleashed another wondrous adventure. We once again see our favourite duo ‘aitch and Dandy taking on another challenge. This time in the shape of investigating the mysterious Thule society, a group of dastardly bounders hell bent on aiding the notorious Clockwork Baron, overthrow dear old blighty.

30 May 2019

14 June 2019