The war for the lost crowns of Albion reaches its bloody climax. Vampires, Were-Cats, & an outlawed Goblin warrior-society battle it out for dominion over the supernatural powers of Britain.


But can Tom Dearlove, Professor Lyons & Mr Hound, along with their hard-pressed allies, stop these despicable scoundrels in their contemptible quests to become the masters of All Albion, & so plunge the Faye World into a reign of dark terror? Or, indeed, before a ruthless, powerful & covert government organisation closes down the esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est. 1895) for good?



I honestly thought that these stories couldn't get better. I was so wrong.
We need more stars to award as this is a six at least.
Plume continues the story where Grendel leaves off and does not disappoint.

The adventures of the PIA Lyons and Hound will keep you in turns intrigued, amused, bewildered but above all entertained. Sometimes you may even meep a little. If you want a fast paced entertaining book then start at The Wild Hunt and read through. You will not be disappointed.   



There’s an ancient oak tree on the sacred hill-fort of Chanklebury Ring whose exposed roots form a portal to
the Hidden Realm. Opening the covers of this, the third volume in the Wild Hunt series, has the same effect.
Begin to read, and the author’s words cast a spell that draws you into a parallel hidden world co-existing with our own,
anchored through the lyrical Sussex landscape and the twittens and cottages of old Brighton. A world of magic,
marvels, and old-school martial arts you’ll be reluctant to leave. Believe me, you’re in for a treat.